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Love your P R I D E

We have fought for so long for the right to be ourselves, to be with the ones we love, and to achieve equal justice. Although we are still fighting each and every day, this month feels a little different. This month we as a community, along with our allies, have seemed louder and prouder than ever before. That being said, it is with my greatest honor that I am able to share and celebrate the love of some of my LGBTQ+ clients and friends.

Erika & Olivia

Although Erika and Olivia's love couldn’t be more on par, they wanted opposite colors for their bouquets. Erika’s bouquet consisted of vibrant blossoming flowers such as red peonies and roses. On the other hand, Olivia’s bouquet consisted of white full blooms and greenery that flowed throughout so beautifully. The best part? When they put their bouquets together, it created a perfect heart.

Photographer: Mateo & Co

Kane & Justin

Kane and Justin's wedding at Civic Theatre was one for the books. Dripping crystal chandeliers, glowing candlelight, and cool white blooms interlaced in greenery created such a timeless and elegant night. Transforming the ceremony backdrop to become the cake backdrop is one of my favorite repurposing moments in Herbivore history!

Photographer: We Are the Rylands

Ashley & Amanda

There was no doubt about the love that Ashley and Amanda have for each other on their wedding day at Felicity Church. Both brides were absolutely stunning with their bouquets flowing with greenery and pops of white flowers to match. Personally, I loved the fashions showcased here - I'm always up for a jumpsuit moment!

Photographer: Mateo & Co

AJ & Molly

Their special day was filled with so much love and laughter, practically half of their photos are them smiling and laughing. Their wedding flowers in muted spring tones and luscious greenery were almost as cool as they are.

Photographer: Love is Rad

Sam & Ky

These beautiful people are some of our favorite friends from photoshoots. They both have personalities that draw you in and make you practically beg to be their friend. (They really are that cool). Their love is beautiful and I can't wait to see how it continues growing.

Brian & Brett

While Brian & Brett aren't a real couple, we just love the styling that Fringe & Co did for their faux wedding at Elms Mansion. The fashion is so delightfully androgynous that we can't take our eyes off the pair! If only the tinsel jacket had room for a floral pocket square!

Photographer: Fringe & Co

Ashley & Lauren

The entire day/night of Ashley and Lauren's wedding you could find them dancing. Fun fact: their bridal bouquets were also opposite. One bright and trending with the colors of the season, the other white and timeless. It was all pulled together with their beautiful ceremony arch. I love helping couples meld their personal styles into the wedding day decor!

Photographer: Just Be PhotoJennic

Brent & Herb

Last but certainly never least, Brent and myself. We, as most LGBTQ+ couples, have and continue to face a number of trials within and about our relationship. Today, we ignore those negativities and we celebrate our love and everyone's (yes I do mean everyone's) love on this planet and beyond. Remember: Love WILL always win.

Photographer: Dark Roux

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