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5 Floral Ideas for Your Spring Wedding

Love is in the air and so is the divine smell of orange, sweet olive, and honeysuckle blossoms in New Orleans. As things start defrosting, we’re looking forward to more beautiful blooms and all the Spring / Summer weddings we have coming up! If you’re planning a spring wedding, let us help with these five simple floral ideas.

Trust Your Florist

This applies all year round, but especially when the blooms are blooming. We absolutely want to hear your opinion, dreams, and preferences. We promise to take all of that to heart. Of course, you’ll already be trusting us with your most important day, but trust us on our flower selection. We’ll help guide you with which flowers are in season and which will look their best come your wedding day. You might just have a new favorite flower by the end of it.

Floral Accessories

Let’s be honest. If you’re having a spring wedding, your guests want to see flowers. If you don’t have it in your budget to go all out with arrangements, incorporate flowers into your accessories. Put flowers in your hair, on a belt to wear over your wedding dress, on your wedding cake, or have your bridesmaids each wear a different flower in their hair if you’re having a more beachy/tropical wedding.


Pastels look best in spring. It’s true. We don’t make the rules. While we love white flowers, colorful pastels scream a spring wedding. Don’t be afraid to mix all the pastels and even add in some brighter blooms. Light yellows, oranges, blush, and purples all mix beautifully together.


It’s a telltale sign that spring is near New Orleans when the satsumas and kumquats bloom on your neighbor's tree. By mixing fruit and flowers on a centerpiece, you create something visually interesting for your guests. All citrus works for this, but we’ve even seen pomegranates and other bright fruit take the spotlight along with those spring blooms.


The ceremony is usually the first event of the wedding day. That means it’s the first impression of how the rest of the events will look. Impress your guests by adding unique flower arrangements to your ceremony like asymmetrical arches, a full flower backdrop, or lush greenery with blooms sprinkled throughout. P.S. If your church doesn't allow backdrops, add arrangements to your reserved pews.

Planner: Iris and Oak Events | Photographer: Peony Wedding Photos | Florist: Herbivore Floral Designs | Venue: Marche

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