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Catherine & Corey - St Louis Cathedral / The Royal Orleans

1. Did you know a lot about flowers when you started your plans? What was the vibe you were going for? I didn't know a lot about flowers when I started planning my wedding. I knew what aesthetic I was going for, though. My wedding was in December, and I was leaning into a wintery vibe. My bridesmaids' dresses were a really pretty deep green jewel tone, so I wanted their flowers to complement that. I wanted the flowers to be different types of white flowers with dark greenery and gold accents.

2. How did working with Herbivore fit into your schedule? Did you enjoy working with the Herbivore team? Herbivore was one of the easiest vendors to work with. Everyone was so incredibly friendly, down to earth, and just really listened to what I wanted. Also, they always had really great suggestions when I wasn't quite sure what I wanted or couldn't quite articulate it. When we visited, if I wasn't sure what a flower was when considering it, someone would pop into the back and grab one so I could see how it might fit in to an arrangement or bouquet. I also really liked the mockup file I received ahead of time with pictures of different bouquets and arrangements, types of flowers, etc. Having that visual that I could quickly reference in a document was so helpful when planning other parts of the wedding and making sure that the flowers would complement the venue.

3. What was the most memorable part of the wedding planning process? The most memorable part of the wedding planning process for me was finding my dress. I knew I wanted the big ball gown, but didn't really have a specific designer or dress in mind. However, once I found it, I just knew it was the one. I did not want to take it off! I also didn't want to take it off on my wedding day, which I didn't, until I came home from the wedding after party at 4:30 AM!!

4. Why did you choose New Orleans, and specifically St Louis Cathedral, for your big day? I was born in New Orleans, and always imagined myself getting married here. I think this city just knows how to do weddings and do them well. I have always been drawn to the beauty of St. Louis Cathedral and the French Quarter. I was so fortunate to be able to plan my perfect wedding there, with a second line to the Royal Orleans for the reception. I truly enjoyed everything about the planning process and my wedding day.

5. Do you remember what you were thinking when you saw your bouquet, the ceremony, the completed reception space for the first time? Honestly, I was FLOORED. I first saw the bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids, and was just amazed at how perfectly executed they were with what I had described. Then it got even better somehow. We had decided to take all of our pictures before the ceremony. Somehow, we finished taking all our pictures with 40 minutes to spare before needing to go to the church. I had this opportunity to wait in the reception ballroom at the Royal Orleans as all of the setup was happening. The flowers were already there, so I truly got to appreciate the beautiful centerpieces. We chose tall centerpieces for the main tables, with shorter ones for other tables. The large centerpieces were incredible, with different types of white flowers, flowing greenery, and very subtle gold accents in each arrangement. I was so, so pleased with just how beautiful the room looked, and with how pretty the flowers were and how the arrangements tied everything together.

6. What is your favorite memory from your wedding day? Can I say the whole day? Because truly the entire day was just incredible!! It is hard to boil it down to one memory, but I can definitely mention the highlights. The first would be my dad walking me down the aisle. I don't think he has ever held my hand that hard or hugged me as tight as he did right before I joined my husband at the alter. Watching the 2 of them shake hands and hug with tears in their eyes was truly special and something I will cherish forever. Another favorite memory would be at the reception, being up on stage with the band and a couple of my friends dancing so hard to Proud Mary. When I see people and we talk about memories from that day, so many of them talk about dancing to Proud Mary. It cracks me up!

7. What advice would you give to other couples trying to plan their big day?

My honest advice would be to have ideas of what you want, but also solicit advice from your vendors on their input. They've planned a lot more weddings than you have and they have really great ideas on how to do things to make your wedding day the best day it can be. Plus that way you can focus on marrying your spouse and celebrating with family and friends.

8. What's next for the new couple?

Hopefully a very belated honeymoon! I am currently in school at LSU Health in New Orleans seeking a doctorate degree and had recently started the program when we got married. At the time, with my school schedule, a honeymoon was not feasible. I will graduate in May of 2022, so we are looking forward to celebrating my graduation and what will be almost 2.5 years of marriage at that time. Until then, we are enjoying the married life with our miniature Australian Shepherd, Ralph.

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