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4 Boutonnieres We Want to See in 2023

The boutonniere is a wedding day essential. Whether it’s for the groom, groomspeople, special parents, or anyone else who wants to tote a beautiful flower on their chest- it’s a given you’ll see at least one at each traditional wedding.

Pocket Square

The pocket square boutonniere is an underrated arrangement. This type of boutonniere is great for the following reasons:

1. It’s easy. You don’t have to worry about pinning this type of boutonniere nor do you have to worry about it falling off. It’s simply tucked nicely in your pocket.

2. This boutonniere gives florists more creative freedom to play around with the dimensions and florals that go into the boutonniere.

3. Last but not least, you’re able to see more flowers. By showing off those extra flowers, you’re effortlessly creating coordination and harmony with the other flower arrangements around your wedding. This is like a horizontal version of the mini bouquet style.


photographed by: We Are The Rylands

The forever boutonniere. A succulent boutonniere is recommended for the plant lover or those with a boho style. This is deemed the “forever boutonniere” because you can quite literally keep this boutonniere forever (if you have even slightly a green thumb). Gently pull off a few of the leaves and place them in soil. Spray them with a small amount of water every other day and you’ll be able to grow your boutonniere into a full succulent.

The Mini Bouquet

photographed by: Dark Roux Photography

The tiny version of that big beautiful bridal bouquet. This boutonniere is complete with a variety of flowers and greens and is a fan favorite. It truly is like a tiny bouquet. It’s also the vertical version of the pocket square style.

The Only One

photographed by: We Are The Rylands

The most traditional and oldest boutonniere style. This boutonniere puts emphasis on a single flower, such as a rose. This timeless beauty will never go out of style.

Which boutonniere style do you want to see more of in 2023?

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