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Alexa & Justin - Il Mercato

1. Did you know a lot about flowers when you started your plans? What was the vibe you were going for?

Not really. My mother and grandmother LOVE flowers. I basically knew I wanted something clean with touches of blue (my favorite color). I searched on Pinterest, presented to Herb, and what he came up with was beyond my Pinterest expectations...which means it was AMAZING.

2. How did working with Herbivore fit into your schedule? Did you enjoy working with the Herbivore team?

I actually met with him in person, along with Lisa from Luminous Events. It helped to have both of them provide input into the design.

3. What was the most memorable part of the wedding planning process? Before COVID hit (originally our wedding was set for 3/21/2020- we had to cancel 6 days out), I would say it was focusing on the details and honestly making sure it was something all of our guests who were mostly coming in from out of town would enjoy. Since COVID forced us to reschedule twice, I would say the pandemic tops the most memorable experience about the process. Though it was stressful, having great vendors who were willing to go through it with us definitely made the "memorable" experience tolerable. We learned that everything is truly better in time and we were so excited when we were finally able to have the wedding!

4. Why did you choose New Orleans, and specifically Il Mercato, for your big day? New Orleans is where we met (in law school) and also where we currently live and work. It also is one of the best cities to throw one of the biggest parties of your life in. The choice was simple! As for the venue, Il Mercato honestly speaks for itself. The second we stepped into the courtyard for a tour, I knew we had to get married there.

5. Do you remember what you were thinking when you saw your bouquet, the ceremony, the completed reception space for the first time? I was not a flower person before, but I totally am now. Of all the feedback we have received from our guests, most of it has been WHO DID YOUR FLOWERS?!?! From the bouquets to the courtyard to the arrangements on the tables and chandeliers at the reception, they were a hit! I hope I am able to host another event soon so I can order more flowers from Herbivore!

6. What is your favorite memory from your wedding day? Honestly, everything. After rescheduling twice, it was so nice to finally have it and be surrounded by loved ones, some of whom we had not seen over the past year and a half because of the pandemic. Most of our guests came in from out of town/state, so it really meant a lot to be able to celebrate all together in once place.

7. What advice would you give to other couples trying to plan their big day?

Select your vendors wisely. Read reviews. Ask for recommendations. While you always hope for a perfect planning process and wedding day, sometimes things can and/or will go wrong. It helps to have reliable and flexible vendors who can adjust when needed, whether it is something major like a pandemic or something very minor.

8. What's next for the new couple?

Trying to figure out when we can actually go on our honeymoon to Europe which we have also had to postpone lol. But we are excited to see what this next chapter of married life holds for us!

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