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7 Arrangements Perfect for Autumn

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Fall embodies the change of seasons and opens up the floral world to new colors, textures, and themes. Utilize these arrangements at your next event this season.

1. Desert Neutrals

Hues of beige, green, and pops of reds are the perfect color combinations for arrangements for the transition between the summer and fall months. Use these hues in monochromatic arrangements or combine them all for a classic bouquet with a little spice.

2. Dried Greenery and Florals

Pampas grass and other dried greenery and florals are great pieces to add to your next fall event. These beauties add contrast and texture to live florals. The best part of these arrangements is that they last forever so you'll always have a memory from your event.

3. The More Greenery, the Better

This past year, greenery has become more popular and in some cases, has even taken stage over florals. Use this trend to create stunning arrangements that truly make your florals stand out and photograph beautifully.

4. Jewel Toned Florals

Deep purples, reds, and greens are such a beautiful combination of florals throughout the autumn to winter seasons. These florals create a timeless and elegant setting to any event. Combine these bold florals with decor of the same or opposite color to really help these beauties stand out (not that they need much help in the first place).

5. Succulents

Succulents come in many forms, colors, and they ave plenty of texture. They look beautiful on their own or mixed in with other bright florals. Similar to the dried florals and greenery, with the proper care, these arrangements can last forever.

6. Fall Colors

One of the most obvious fall arrangement ideas is using the colors that we see in nature throughout the fall season. Mustard yellow, pumpkin orange, moody brown, and blushing pink are quite literally the perfect fall color combination. Go outside during this season and take note of the colors you see for inspiration for your next event.

7. Everything, but the Kitchen Sink

Many florals bloom at the end of summer and beginning of fall, so the floral combination for an arrangement during this time is endless. By adding in a variety of different florals, your bouquet is guaranteed to stand out from the contrasts of bright and bold colors and smooth and sharp textures. It may not be your first thought, but add in all of your favorite florals to a bouquet this season, it may surprise you.

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