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5 Bold & Colorful Bouquets

A bridal bouquet is a perfect way to show off your unique personality and add a pop of color to your wedding day. Check out these colorful bouquets of all different shapes, colors, and textures for some not-so-traditional inspirations for the big day!

The Full Bloom Bouquet

Bouquets that are filled with big, bold, and bright blooms demand attention. This bouquet is filled with roses, peonies, and a few other full stems that look (and smell) stunning. Pair these full blooms with some delicate greenery, like this eucalyptus pictured, and you have a bouquet that's worth the attention.

Photography: Xistence Photography

The Color Palette Bouquet

Add some hues from your wedding color palette to your bouquet! Not only is this a great way to tie together the entire event, but your guests are guaranteed to notice this thoughtful detail. Ask your florist for a recommendation on what florals you could use that compliment your color palette.

Photography: Paul Morse

The Exotic Bouquet

Whoever said you had to only use common florals like roses and daisies? Using a mixture of exotic florals creates an eye-catching and textured bouquet that your guests will be talking about all night.

Photography: Mateo & Company

The Pastel Bouquet

Colorful bouquets aren't always made of bright hues of reds. This bouquet is striking, colorful, and filled with soft shades of pinks and blues. A pastel bouquet is a great way to incorporate some color and add a bit of spice to the traditional ivory bouquet.

The Tropical Bouquet

Tropical bouquets consist of mainly bold and exotic leaves with pops of colorful blooms. Bright colors and lush textures add an island feel to any celebration!

Photography: Xistence Photography

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