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10 Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

Wearing flowers is a wonderful way to show personality on your wedding day. While we love a floral pocket square, flowered cuffs, and even flowers on the shoes - today we're talking about flowers in your hair! Wear a crown, braid it in, secure your veil with a flowered comb - we're here for it all!

1. Moody Flower Crown

Ly is wearing the most stunning smile and a gorgeous flower crown with dark colors and a few light pink roses. She looks like the perfect boho bride in her lace gown and gorgeous curls!

Photo: Marquez Fotos

2. Floral Braid

This combination of real flower buds and crystal flowers adorning Amanda's braid is stunning and full of character! On a warm day, this would be a perfect solution for long-haired brides or grooms. You still get plenty of drama and flair without your hair sitting on your neck and making you overheat!

Photography: We are the Rylands

3. Hair Comb

Shorter-haired friends - this is a great way to add flowers to your hair! This sweet floral comb is a beautiful addition to her look!

Photographer: Mateo & Company

4. Babies Breath Crowns on the Babes

Madison let the babies wear the crowns for her big day! Even though we have a cryer in the front, I can't help loving this photo and I think they are all so cute!

Photographer: Arte De Vie⁠

5. Colorful Flower Comb

I just love her hairstyle here - the combinations of the braids and the bun, topped off with all the beautiful colors in the flower comb... yes!!

Photo: Mike Lirette Photography

6. Flower Fro

This fashion-forward centerpiece for a holiday party was such a fun design! She's wearing a fabulous baby's breath fro, bright pink rose, and moss trimmed collar.

Photo: Mateo & Company

7. Petite Blooms Flower Crown

How sweet are these two in their matching robes?! We just love the flower crown on this gorgeous Flower Girl. The petite rose blooms are complimented by seeded eucalyptus and greenery.

Photo: Studio Tran Photography

8. I think a flower crown adds so much to a flower girl's look! How sweet is this little pair?!

Photo: Marquez Fotos

9. So simple and so impactful! A Baby's Breath flower crown for this little sweetie!

Photo: Lance Nicoll

10. Flowered Earrings

Okay okay, I know I said we were talking about flowers in the hair - but check out these amazing flower earrings that make a serious statement with this simple dress and hoop bouquet!!

Photo: Mateo & Company

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