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3 ways to Incorporate Mardi Gras into Your Event

Including a theme creates an aesthetic for the overall event. Themed events can seem a little cheesy or overwhelming, so it's understandable why many shy away from having something "themed." Typically we ask about the vibe or feeling you're looking to create instead. However, we still love a theme when it's executed thoughtfully! We're here to help you incorporate a theme (and our favorite one at that) into your next event without all of the negative connotations.

1. Play on Colors

Using the colors that relate to your concept within florals, small decorations, and linens is a simple and effective way to incorporate the motif and allow your guests to understand without overdoing it. For a Mardi Gras theme, fun blooms in purples, yellows, and greens are easy to find and look great together.

2. Choose Your Moment

In the case of themed events, less is more. Add a touch of decor to the top of your wedding cake, small pieces on every few tables, or an addition to your signage. The purple flowers, mask on top of the cake, and fleur-de-lis piping on this wedding cake is an elegant way to show off your Mardi Gras spirit.

3. Go Bold & Unique

It's important to let your florist know the concept or motif of your event. Surprisingly enough, florists love themes (especially Mardi Gras) when we are allowed to play outside of the customary decor. A theme allows the client & florist to get creative when conceptualizing these arrangements. Florals that are unique and not typically seen in more traditional settings come out to play. They will certainly leave a bold yet luxurious impression on your guests.

Tip 1: Florist: Herbivore Floral Designs, Photographer: Mike Lirette, Venue: The Moore

Tip 2: Florist: Herbivore Floral Designs, Photographer: Michael Caswell, Planner: The Uncommon Camellia, Bakery: The Royal Cakery, Venue: Broussards

Tip 3: Florist: Herbivore Floral Designs, Photographer: Adrienne Battistella, Venue: The Chicory

Example in the Wild

For the event below, we were able to use a combination of traditional blooms with many unique flowers you don't often see (especially in relation to Mardi Gras). The client requested an elevated Mardi Gras look (note there is not a doubloon, mask, or bead in sight!) which we were thrilled to explore that challenge! Along with the customary color palette, we mixed our metallics with golds and silvers to add complexity and texture to the tabletops. One of our favorite elements is the gorgeous stage fronts that utilized fern as a base with all the pops of color coming from our stunning blooms. (This handy decor element pulls focus to the front of the room, hides ugly wires and band equipment, and ensures beautiful photos of speakers and presenters!)

Florist: Herbivore Floral Designs, Photographer: Caroline Rosa Marketing, Venue: The Gallery at Tomas Bistro, Planner: NOLA DMC


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